Sometimes the client is not comfortable being in lingerie, but still want sexy boudoir images Doing glamour pictures is a great way to get sexy images, without really showing much.

As you see by these images, they are sexy with just showing her face, and some cleavage.

A nice corset, and some simple props, gloves and mask is just one of many options.

The magic of these images is her lips, and that pout look. If your eyes are your best feature, we would highlight them, instead of the mouth.

To see more photos from this photo shoot click here.

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  1. Fernando July 18, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    – I always love your guys phtoos and posts. always. But for some reason, THIS particular post made me decide something. I am going to have boudoir phtoos taken of me. By you. One day. I don’t know how far that day is but I want to do it. Just for me. Just like Sophie. I NEVER thought I’d want to do something like that, but today, it has been decided 🙂

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